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Cirkled in Scholarships

We have a NEW $2500 Scholarship now available for students in grades 8-12. The deadline is July 31, 2018. I’ve attached an updated flyer in both English and Spanish, and the website to apply is here: www.cirkledin.com/scholarship. This one is our “Best Summer Ever” scholarship. It’s an easy scholarship to apply for (there is no GPA requirement, no income requirement, and no lengthy essay). It’s FREE to apply and students can use it for any educational need.

About the Cirkled in Scholarship
The Cirkled in scholarship is a $2,500 cash scholarship you can apply to any educational need such as tuition, books, transportation or even a car. It’s an easy scholarship to apply for, with no income brackets, no minimum GPA and no lengthy essay to write. The student can use it for educational needs now if they are undergoing hardship, or they can save it for college.
Why are we offering a scholarship?
Our goal is to help students increase their success rate across all their applications, from college to internships to beneficial educational programs to summer jobs. But we know education is expensive, so we want to do our part to help students pay for their education as well. We help students Showcase Themselves and increase their chances of getting into the schools of their choice using Cirkled in. Cirkled in is the easiest way for students to track educational achievements, share their whole story and market their educational portfolio to increase their acceptance rate for any application process. And it’s Free!
What is Cirkled in?
(For a quick overview of Cirkled in, see our video here.)
Cirkled in is an award-winning, 21st-century electronic portfolio and profile platform for students to showcase themselves in the best possible way and increase their success rate across all their applications. Cirkled in’s secure, cloud-based, mobile-friendly platform is designed to compile students’ entire K-12 life achievements - both inside and outside school. We believe that students are more than just a test score, and we give them the platform to highlight their soft skills and achievements which demonstrate their aptitude to be successful both in college and in life.
Students share their holistic profile with recruiters and admissions officers for all applications, from college to internship to apprenticeship, and increase their success rate. Additionally, using our proprietary algorithm, Cirkled in will match students with the best-fit colleges and universities and help students get discovered. It is FREE for students and families!
With Cirkled in as their e-portfolio solution, schools help their youth succeedtrack alumni beyond graduation and increase efficiency in daily operations. Schools see instant benefits along with long-term advantages of using Cirkled in. Part of Cirkled in’s mission is to level the playing field for all students, irrespective of their gender, race, or social economic status. We also work with organizations which have a high percentage of reduced/free lunch population, in order to help at-risk students see college (or the post-secondary educational program of their choice) as an attainable goal.