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Fall Newsletter 2013

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Monroe Clark starts it first ever Robotics course!

Monroe Clark now has a Robotics course! Yes, you read that right. After much research and hard work by our school’s administration and eighth grade science department, a locally designed and produced 3R’s Robotics curriculum has been selected.

The 3R’s Robotics curriculum allows students to be hands on with circuitry, electronics, programming, and robotic construction. The 3R’s robotic rover vehicle has an Arduino circuit board, which will allow students to program their rover to do many tasks.

            Once each student has completed the curriculum, they will have mastered many important skills they can use in the future. The outcome of this course is to inspire students to continue using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) practices and pursue their goals in science and engineering.


Science Health tip from Nurse Donna: "Don't Bring Flu Home For The Holidays"
Donna Magden RN, MSN

The holiday season often means shopping or making gifts for family and friends.  But something else is often given around the holidays, and it's no gift - it's the flu! 

Influenza can make even the healthiest person very ill.  Some people, especially the very young, seniors, and people with certain health problems end up in the hospital with complications from flu, such as pneumonia.

Being sick with the flu is bad enough. However, being sick during the holidays is miserable. Protecting yourself is as easy as getting a flu vaccine!  It is the best way to help prevent the flu from ruining your holidays. This year, the La Maestra Health Clinic @ Clark will have flu shots available in January…Stay tuned for the date.

Don't let the flu ruin your holidays or your New Year! You can find more information at www.sdiz.org or call 2-1-1.

Salk Institute visits Monroe Clark


            Thanks to Price Charities and their support of science in the curriculum, the Salk Expedition has been coming to visit Monroe Clark 7th Grade science classrooms for the past several years. These scientists and volunteers give three separate lessons designed to enrich our student’s knowledge of DNA, gene mutations, and give hands on experience with DNA analysis equipment.

            The first lesson presented to the students, allows them to examine the physical traits of wild fruit flies and compare them to fruit flies with genetic mutations.  


This lets the students understand how mutations in DNA can affect organisms.


science pic

            During the second lesson, Clark students get to extract actual DNA from wheat germ cells.  This involves the students splitting the cell membrane of a germ cell and extracting the DNA from the cell which is then stored for later examination.

The final lesson gives students hands on experience using actual DNA analysis lab equipment. Clark students use a Gel Electrophoresis machine to simulate separating genes on a DNA strand for genetic analysis.

 6th grade students get ready; the Salk Expedition will be back next year!

Monroe Clark has a student technology support club!

The purpose of this club is to build student skills so they can go into classrooms to support teachers with integrating technology in Clark classrooms. Since the beginning of the school year, they have become experts with ActivInspire and other media tools.

We have an MBC group, which has made video tutorials and job aides for specific Inspire skills. They are in resources.
Please check them out!  If you are not in the group, please let us know. Students are also becoming experts with MBC and ActivEngage.

Please, Please, Please let Kevin Crawford know if you would like support with Engage.

The students are willing to assist and/or instruct teachers on how to use Engage and other technology skills. They are available to come to your class Period 3.
Clark Multi-cultural Fair news
Monroe Clark is having a multicultural fair June 2014. 
If you are interested in participating, please contact Athene Losasso at alosasso@sandi.net.