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Friday, May 2, 2014 all Monroe Clark students had an opportunity during their lunch period to participate in a 30 foot poster activity planned by students in Monroe Clark's Anti-Bullying Club. Crime Stopper club members, led by SDUSD PD Officer Carla Kuamoo, were out on the stage for the special event  “The HAND to HAND Experience".  Over 1,100 hand prints were prepared for use by club members during their past meetings and out on the tables with markers and glue sticks so students could come up and make and take their own hand, write their name on it and make a personal pledge to STOP BULLYING at Monroe Clark! With music playing and the stage set for building the back wall into a GIANT butcher block poster wall, the Anti-Bullying Club encouraged students using the microphone and "one on one" with the message: 
"Together we CAN stop bullying at our school. Bullying is not cool! " 

After they made their pledge, students went to the side stage to get their hand stamped showing that they made the pledge against bullying!" The Anti-Bullying Club members encouraged students over the stage microphone and one on one with messages including:

  • "This act is a pledge that you are against bullying and that you will help make a stand against bullies."
  • "Every student at Monroe Clark has a voice and your voice can make a difference in the lives of others! "
  • " Please make a difference!"   "Take a stand!" 
Let’s ALL ...
STOP BULLYING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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