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Wednesday's 12:30 at Monroe Clark lead by SDUSD PD Officer Kuamoo. 
We have a quote for the week, talk about ways we can help stop bullying on campus, schedule events to help promote awareness, and do activities!
Guest Speaker: ASB President from Hoover High School: 2/26/2014
  • Hoover High School ASB President Julie Vuu attended the Anti-Bullying meeting on February 26, 2014 and praised Monroe Clark Anti-Bullying Club members for their leadership on campus and working to bring awareness to students about Anti-Bullying and Cyber-Bullying to their classmates. Ms. Vuu made a brief PowerPoint presentation which included short videos with bullying examples - during the presentation, she engaged club members in discussions about how they can learn how to recruit more knowledgeable and cyber aware Monroe Clark classmates to be a part of their school wide effort to prevent bullying.
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 Hoover ASB President makes a special presention on Cyber-Bullying  to Monroe Clark's Anti-Bullying Club.


During some Fridays we go to the lunch area and up to the stage and give students a pen and paper and ask they write their the end answers to three questions about bullying on campus. A question might be: "what will you do if someone is bullying you"? We talk about their answers and tell them about things you can do when you are seeing someone being bullied or if they are the one who is bullied.

Nursing Home Visit

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We made the people at the nursing home really happy, including their dog!

Hero's week

Heroes week is when we talk about bullying each day and then have a little presentation with it. At the end of the week, we got to see two bands that played songs with themes that were against bullying. Some kids got to go through the tunnel of bullying. We also got see the Santana peace keeper group.
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Booth at Club Day for Monroe Clark

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Hand printing poster  cutting hands

What are we planing to do after Spring break?  We are going to be at first lunch and second lunch with a large poster on the center stage and all the students will get a chance to work with a cut out hand print and paint! After putting their name on their hand print, students will be able to paste it up on a the outdoor stage wall to create a huge poster! 
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For more information and to see photo's from our Hand to Hand lunch event,