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Welcome to Clairemont!

Clairemont High School IS...
Academic Excellence Chieftain Pride & Diversity Collaboration & Innovation
Strong Community Partnerships Lifelong Connections 

“When you become a part of Clairemont, you become a part of something bigger than yourself.
Here, we believe that personal growth happens best at the intersection of learning and experience.”

- Dr. Jennifer Roberson, Principal

School News

Articulation (Course Requests for 2018-2019)
Articulation for 2018-2019 School Year. Course Requests are due by Friday Jan 19th. Students are encouraged to speak with their teachers, other students, parents and/or guardians, and counselors regarding courses.
ASB Ball "A Night at the Bellagio"
ASB Ball is here, click here for more information
SAT Prep
Prepare for the SAT in Room 204
ACT Prep
Prepare for the ACT in the AOB Trading Room
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Show dates are Dec. 7pm. $5 students, $10 adults, cash or check at the door.
Turkey Trot on 11/17
CHS will be hosting our first annual Turkey Trot to kick off Thanksgiving Break
Colleges Are Coming to CHS
Click here to find out which colleges are visiting
Clairemont High Website Survey
We'd like to hear your opinions on the current state of the website.
Attention Seniors!
Grad Night Interest Sign up list here
Clairemont Guardians Free CPR and First Aid Training
Oct. 21st,8am-4pm lunch included!

Upcoming Events