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Tech Needs & Preparation for Distance Learning Survey

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An essential component of successful Distance Learning is ensuring all students have the technology necessary to access the educational activities. We are asking ALL Clairemont High School students/families to complete the survey that can be accessed at the link below by no later than Monday, April 6. The link to this survey has also been posted on our school’s website and will be going out via my Twitter and Instagram. 


As you are all aware, ensuring all students have the appropriate technology to successfully engage in Distance Learning will be one of our greatest challenges. This is where YOU CAN HELP. I am asking that you assist us in reaching out to students and families so that we can meet our goal of a 100% response rate on our Student/Family Technology Survey. Please share the following link out with our community on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and let our community know that we are trying to ensure this survey is completed by EVERY STUDENT/FAMILY. Let’s pull together and ensure we get the survey completed so that each and every student at CHS has the technology needed to engage in Distance Learning.




I would like to have 100% of our students/families complete this by Monday, April 6 because it is due to the IT department by Wednesday, April 8. At that point, SDUSD’s IT department will be scheduling opportunities for families to pick up technology (laptops and/or hotspots) based on their responses to the survey. With your help, I am confident that we can provide the necessary technology to every student in need. So...what are you waiting for, SHARE THAT LINK!!!



 Principal Williams