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School Profile

Clairemont High School serves approximately 256 students with disabilities in a wide range of educational settings. Referred to as “Specialized Academic Instruction”, Clairemont provides educational support inside general education classrooms and in separate classrooms dependent on the nature and severity of the student’s disability and the educational and medical needs of the student. 

Administrative/Counseling Staff

PrincipalEthan Williams
Vice PrincipalDr. Carol Whaley
Vice PrincipalSarah Thomas
Director of AcademiesElizabeth Rush
Head Counselor Claudia Victorino
CounselorGabby Sosa
CounselorChristian Ramirez
Career and Transition SpecialistSydney Kerr
School to Work AssistantRoxanna Neil

Marking System/Class Rank
Students are graded on an A-F scale (A=4, B=3, etc.) with the exception that the weighted GPA on the transcript includes an extra grade point for grades of A, B, or C in Advanced Placement and honors classes. Course titles followed by (P) are college preparatory classes. Courses followed by (HP) are honors courses and grades of A, B or C earned in these classes are given an extra grade point in the admissions process in the two public four-year university systems in California (UC, CSU). Final class rank is computed in February each year following receipt of first semester grades. It is based on the transcript’s weighted GPA, including PE and includes all students in the class. 

College Admission Testing

CEEB/ACT School Code Number: 052837

Average SAT Scores for Clairemont Students 

Critical Reading468477497492

Student Post Graduate Plans

Of the 2014 graduates who reported their outcome, approximately 30% entered a four year colleges or universities, 55% entered two year colleges, 4% military service and 11% other.

Special Curriculum

Advanced Placement

Course offerings consist of advanced placement in Art Studio, English Language and Literature, Environmental Science, Biology, Calculus, Statistics, Spanish Language , U.S. History, European History and Psychology. We had 222 students take exams in 2011, 212 students in 2012 and 188 students in 2013.

College Classes

Students earn high school and college credits in courses taught on our campus by college instructors in our College Academy. Courses include:
  • Intro. to Political Science 101  
  • American Political Science 102 
  • English 101 - Reading and Composition
  • Math 119 - Elementary Stats
  • Math 121 & 122 - Basic Techniques of Applied Calculus
  • Sociology 101 - Principles of Sociology


AVID is a high-powered college prep program which originated at Clairemont in 1980. Three sections of AVID support our future college-going students to be successful at Clairemont High School and beyond at college. The program continues to be a model for the district and county and has received national recognition.  

Course of Study