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Mar.20th, Chieftain Pride Weekly Bulletin

Congrats to the February Students of the Month:

Lexington Sharpe
Carla Ghilardi
Nathaniel Keane
Joana Ocamp
Janelly Ortiz
Jared Norton
Angel Zavala
Juan Issair Gutierrez
Margarita Sanchez
Ben Holombo
Gabriel Kuglen

Please come to the student store to get your gear during lunch.

SENIORS! Jostens will be here on March 20th during lunch to distribute graduation announcements.  If you still have not ordered your cap, gown and tassel, you may do it at that time. 

Blood Drive is tomorrow March 21st.

Attention Juniors, there are only two more SAT administrations left this school year.  Test Date May 6th and you must register by April 7th to avoid late fees.  See a counselor for a fee waiver. 

Seniors, if you are going to Mesa, City or Miramar and you didn’t attend the Thursday workshop, come see a counselor.  If you plan on going to take the Accuplacer with us, we need a printout of your online orientation.  

ANIME CLUB: ANIME trivia contest 3ed try! Wed. Lunch. Come by 112 and see 1st 2nd and 3ed prizes. Participants get Japanese snacks. 30 questions on Naruto, SAO, Death note and DBZ.  bring your phone or come early to log into chrome book Voros 

5th Period has started! Students who have received a ‘F’ or ‘D’ grade in English, History, Chemistry, or Biology should be attending in order to get back on track to earn your High School Diploma. Check with your counselor. 

Please check the Loss of Privilege List to see if you are on it for grades, behavior, or attendance.  If you have questions about attendance, check your PowerSchool and if you need to clear them, you may come to the office before school, during lunch, or after school.  Seniors, make sure you’re cleared for your senior activities and prom!

Badminton : All students interested in participating in Badminton, we are still accepting sign ups. Come to the main gym daily 2:35 pm ( 12:45 on early out days).

AP Calculus is starting its weekly reviews!  Come drop by from 2:30-3:00 for a review session in room 109 on Fridays, followed by an extra half hour of practice.

CHS Seniors if you have not yet ordered your cap, gown and tassel, please call Jostens at 1-800-Jostens or go to www.jostens.com.  To rent is free.  If you would like to buy it would cost $10.  Please come see Ms. Apple in room 115 or 303 for more info.

Please only place bottles in the round blue trash cans around campus.  You can place paper in the blue rectangular cans inside the classrooms.  Our wonderful green team comes around on Wednesdays to recycle the paper and bottles