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Internship Course

Clairemont High is offering internships as an elective course for 12th graders next year!

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What is an internship?

An internship is an opportunity to go off campus and work in a professional industry environment, while learning new skills that will be useful in the real world and simultaneously earning course credit.

When is the internship course offered?

The new class will be offered as a single semester course during either Period 3 or 4, and is available in both the fall and the spring. The class is quartered, so you attend every day for one semester.

How does the course run?

The first few weeks of the course are about preparation: communication skills, building a resume, and finding/ applying for internships (we help you find one you are interested in!). Then, the actual internship lasts 10-12 weeks: you leave campus 2-3 days/ week to work at your internship. This course will be taught by a CHS academy teacher and is open to students from any academy (classes are mixed).

How do you benefit from being an intern?

Having an internship looks great on your transcript for colleges, is a great addition to any resume, opens up job connections, and provides real-life chances to explore a career field. Last but not least, internships are a terrific way to network! Sometimes it’s all about who you know!

What types of internships are being offered?

There will be a variety of  different career internships being offered and you get to choose which ones you want to apply for (they are not just academy-specific). You’re also welcome to find your own internship!

What about barriers such as extracurricular and transportation?

No need to worry! Most internships are very flexible and help us work around your work or athletic schedule, so you can do all of it! Students with a car and driver's license are allowed to drive themselves to their work site. Students without a car are given MTS monthly passes to take the bus or trolley for free!

Steps to sign up for the internship course:

  1. Fill out the registration here
  2. Your counselor will contact you if you have been selected for the course; space is limited.
  3. You will work with your counselor to decide which semester to take the elective course.