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IMIN After School Program (ARC)

The IMIN afterschool is brought to you by arc. It is a voluntary after-school program for high school students attending Clairemont High School. The program is funded by the 21st Century Gran. IMIN provides afterschool learning opportunities for high school students such as career readiness, credit recovery, and enrichment activities. The goal is to connect students to activities to enrich their educational experience. This program is designed to serve students in an array of safe, structured programs that provide students with a range of supervised activities that are designed to encourage learning and development outside the typical school day. We welcome all students to join our programs and clubs. Stop by for more details. All programs are free to Clairemont High School student’s grades 9th -12th.  Program Hours: Last bell – 6:30pm daily Supper Served: M, T, W, Th, & F: 3:30 | W: Cafeteria Drop In Center: room 503 last bell – 6:30pm daily IMIN represents everything high school students can do outside of school hours. Things like sports, music, art, dance, leadership, community service and other things students are interested in. It is all about what you’re IN. So, what are you IN?

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