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Financial Aid

Did you know that millions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed every year because students are not applying for them? Scholarships are free money don’t get left out! With just a little bit of effort you can get free money to go to technical school, community college or to a university.

Here is the most important place to start; the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Students can apply starting January 1st of their senior year. The following workshops are free of charge and can assist you in completing the FAFSA Cash for College Flyerhttp://www.fafsa.ed.gov

You and a parent need a PIN number before you can complete the FAFSA. Here is the website and you can do that now:


Please Do Not pay anyone to prepare your FAFSA for you! There is nothing they can do to help you qualify for more financial aid. The form is meant to be filled out by the student and the parent.  

Cal-SOAP Rewarding College Dreams Scholarship

Apply for the Cal-SOAP Rewarding College Dreams Scholarship! It awards $1000 to students who will attend a California Community College and $2000 to students who will attend a 4-year university. Visit http://www.sandiegocalsoap.com/star/SOAPScholarshipProgramsRD.php for additional information and to download the scholarship application. Deadline is March 15!   


The second place to go to get free money is Naviance.  Log on to www.connection.naviance.com/clairemont, using your ID number and password, click on the “college” tab, and explore the “Colleges and Money” section for our local and national scholarships. Make sure you fill out the “national scholarship search” to find scholarships that match your needs. 

Other Websites That Can Help You Get Financial Aid

www.sdfoundation.org (to apply for over 100 scholarships with one common application) 
www.collegeboard.com/(college board has a site for scholarship searches)
http://educatorsconnection.com/ - you can create a personal profile and find many scholarships that fit your personal profile. Access to approximately 600 colleges and 2600 college web sites.

Military ROTC Scholarships
Navy www.navy.mil
Air Forcewww.usma.edu
U.S. Coast Guardwww.ega.edu
Merchant Marine www.usmma.edu