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Changing Classes

Smiling student Drop/Add Course Request Guidelines

There are no free periods. If there is a hole in your schedule, you need to see your counselor that period (where nothing is scheduled) to add an appropriate class.

When to Request a Course Change

  • Repeating a course: If you find yourself in a course that you have already passed with good grades and will not be earning credit, you should request to be put in the appropriate class. If you are repeating the class and you did not have a C or higher previously then you are placed correctly.

  • Placed incorrectly: If you are placed in a class that is too high a level; for example Advanced French when you have no experience with French. You should indicate that you want to drop Advanced French and which class you should be taking, or the class that would be the proper level for your skills, such as Basic French.

Other Times to Request A Course Change

  • Repeating a failed course with the same teacher: Due to limitations with the master schedule you may be repeating a course in the same circumstances in which you failed. You may request that you repeat the course with a different teacher or period, but these requests will be granted only if the master schedule can accommodate the move.

  • Students may request to move to a less impacted class: As the master schedule is impacted some classes are extremely large and there may be a shortage of computers or lab space.

When Not to Request a Course Change

  • You want to drop a class required for graduation.

  • You want a different teacher or period.

  • You want to be moved to a class with your friends, even if they will help you study and you will do so much better if you are with them.

  • You want to move out of a class because someone is not your friend and you do not think you can get along. If there is a concern about your safety please speak with a school official immediately.

Only Request Once

  • The counselors will replace any earlier requests with your latest one and this will move you down the list of students to call out. This may result in earlier request being discarded.

  • If you are making multiple requests be sure to write them all on the same sheet. If you submit multiple sheets the counselor cannot be sure of exactly what you want if the sheets indicate different requests.

Submitting a Course Change request

Complete a add/drop slip.  Please include the following.

  • Your name.

  • Counselor name.

  • Date the form is filled out.

  • Your grade level.

  • Your email address – optional. Your request may not be able to be filled but if the counselor has a recommendation or question about an alternative they want to contact you. Alternatively they may send you a message in Naviance and if your email is linked there you will be forwarded their question.

  • Always put precisely which course you want dropped and which course should be added in its place.

  • Do not try to add a class without saying which class should be dropped to make room.

If you have any questions, please talk with you counselor.