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3/26/20 school closure update

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Hello CHS families,

Please see below for some important updates:


In preparation for potential long-term closures, SDUSD is developing an implementation plan and has reached out to SDEA to ensure that the needs of students and educators are being addressed as we work to deliver continuity of instruction. The district has been providing enrichment opportunities for students during school closure and many of our professional educators have been providing students with inspirational learning at the same time. SDUSD has now launched Distance Learning training for our educators. Between now and April 24th, we want our educators to grow in their knowledge, skills and comfort level with distance learning and practice with their students, so both educators and students are comfortable with our official transition from the current enrichment model to a Distance Learning model on April 27, 2020, when grading will resume. IEP timelines and services will resume at that time. More information and guidance will be forthcoming. 

The District’s Distance Learning Plan is founded on the following principles: (1) supporting our educators as they transition to distance learning, (2) providing access for all students, and (3) maintaining teaching and learning. Continuity of learning experiences will be provided for our students by giving them access to standards based instruction in an innovative approach through self-paced and differentiated learning experiences while creating rich opportunities for families to engage in their child's learning. The following three Distance Learning models will be implemented:

  • District-Provided Instructional Materials with Educator Support - Recommended for schools and educators at the emerging stage of delivering instruction through Distance Learning.
  • Educator-Led Hybrid Instruction - Recommended for schools and educators at the developing stage of delivering instruction through Distance Learning.
  • Educator-Led Blended Instruction - Recommended for schools and educators at the accomplishing stage of delivering instruction through Distance Learning.

Based on educator survey results and in consultation with SDEA, our district team is developing a robust professional development series that includes time for educators to collaborate and experiment with these teaching tools. As educators gain skills in using these tools they can begin to try them out with students in preparation for engaging in distance learning with all students starting on April 27th (traditional) and May 11 (year-round). 

Professional development sessions have been offered since March 17th and will be offered on a continuing basis through April 24th (traditional) and May 8th (year-round). Educators will have a 3-course series of professional development opportunities that include the following:

Course 1:  Communication Tools for Collaboration  

Learn how to use Zoom or Google Meet to collaborate with your peers or connect with students.

Course 2: Hosting Your Class/Session

Learn how to use a digital platform to host a class/session.

  • TK-1 Seesaw
  • 2-12 Google Classroom (Basic Level and Next Steps Level)
  • 9-12 Canvas (Basic Level and Next Steps Level)

Course 3: Curriculum Resources

Learn more about curriculum resources that you can include in your classroom. 

I understand you may have many questions as we navigate through this new chapter of our educational journey. The district and I will continue to communicate with you in the coming days, and I encourage you to visit our district website daily for more information and updates on this transition.

ATHLETICS - Please see the letter below from CHS Athletic Director, Mr. Alfie Nowak.

Good afternoon Clairemont Families,

Last year when I accepted the position of Athletic Director at Clairemont High I was humbled, nervous and also very excited. I have played sports my entire life and have always been a huge advocate for athletics and what it can teach young people.

Over this past year I have been amazed by the students on our campus and how they constantly strive to better themselves as both athletes and people. I feel honored to work with the teachers, coaches on campus and off to help them develop the skills, values, and characters of what it means to be a CHIEF.

For those of you not familiar with our CHS Players Creed and what it means to be a CHIEF, it is what we here at Clairemont believe our student-athletes should embody:

Courage - choose to act regardless of fear or social/peer pressure and stand up for others

Humility - put the needs of others ahead of your own, admit mistakes and learn from them

Integrity - earn the confidence of your peers and coaches through consistent hard work and truthfulness

Endurance - show persistence in time of adversity to overcome whatever obstacles stand in your way

Focus - display a relentless pursuit of self-improvement, have a commitment to your team, your school and 

your community

I have seen these traits embodied in our student-athletes on and off the field this past year and it truly is amazing to see them take ownership of the adult they are becoming; to stand up and show courage and to work as a team.

In life, like in sports, we can not control all things. When faced with difficult or challenging circumstances, the only thing we can control is our reaction. You may not get the calls you want in a game or the outcome might not always end up how you feel it should and the only thing we can control at the end of our game/day and during our lives is how we react to situations we are placed in.

I know that these are unprecedented times we are all facing. Please know that San Diego Unified did not make the decision lightly to suspend education and spring athletics. We do this for the safety of our students, staff and their families. This is our number one priority.

Again, like in sports, the only thing we can control are our reactions to situations. 

I absolutely believe in our students’ ability to not only handle this adversity, but rather come out stronger because of it. It is our duty as adults, parents, teachers, and coaches to lead by example in encouraging healthy habits in helping to slow the growth of this very dangerous virus.  We do this with calm, thoughtful, and sometimes firm, actions.

To be clear, our students do not have a one month break from school and responsibility in general. In fact, they must now be more responsible for their own actions, starting with not taking this newfound free time as an excuse to go places and meet in large groups. Athletes should be training hard by themselves to stay in shape for the return of spring athletics. They must also be made aware that their decisions will affect others as well as themselves. Of course, these same principles apply to us adults as well.

With regards to mindset, in times like these, many people play the victim card with thoughts like “why is this COVID-19/school closure/loss of sports/etc. happening TO us?”. A positive way to go forward could be to consider the idea that these events are happening FOR us. Maybe these events are trying to teach us to slow down our lives a bit and re-connect with loved ones and re-evaluate what truly is most important to each of us.

Our school has thrived over the years in large part due to our school administration, teachers, parents, and most importantly, our students being good teammates to, and for, each other. We must continue to be good teammates in times like these, especially in times like these. We must be good teammates not only to our own community, but to all others as well. If you have the ability, please be considerate and helpful to all of those in need since we are all going through this difficult time.

It can be very frustrating in not knowing what lies ahead. We will try to keep everyone updated when new information surfaces. Until then, let’s all keep focused on simply doing the best, most healthy things in the current moment.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions. I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

Alfred Z. Nowak, ATC

Athletic Trainer

Athletic Director

SM/HBS Teacher

Clairemont High School



P.S. Please see SDUSD Director of PE, Health and Athletics, Mr. Scott Guisti on KUSI providing an update for student athletes during the COVID closures.


Greetings Class of 2020:

The Clairemont High PTSA and Foundation want to let you know that the Scholarship Essay Contest is still going on and encourage you to apply.  Here are all the details you need to know:

Four $500 college scholarships are being offered to current Seniors

Students interested in competing for this scholarship must thoughtfully consider the following:

“How have I made a positive impact and been involved in my school and/or community during my high school years.  How do I see myself making a positive impact and being involved in my community in the future.”

All essay submissions must be typed and double-spaced, 750 words maximum

Essay submissions should be emailed to chsptsa92117@yahoo.com. Please include a cover sheet with your name, email and phone number.  If you know the college you are planning to attend in the Fall of 2020, please include that info on the cover sheet too.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 1, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.

The four winners will be announced by May 15, 2020.

Scholarship monies are paid directly to the student’s college of attendance.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Christine Groves at chsptsa92117@yahoo.com.


Christine Groves

PTSA President

Clairemont High School



I appreciate your patience in these challenging times. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have and we will continue to work through this together.


Ethan Williams

Clairemont High School Principal