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The Colonial Adventure Begins

1.  You are on a colonial adventure.  Name one of the 13 colonies that you are a part of using this website and list whether it is “New England”, “Middle”, or “Southern” :




 2.  Who founded your colony?  You can discover that here by clicking on your colony:



3.  Choose an occupation from the Colonial Interactive Artisans and Trades List and describe how what you do to contributes to your colony:


4.  Discovering the cultural life of  the colonies involves either finding out about EducationEnjoymentFoods eaten, or what plants were farmed or exported.  If your colony is Southern take notes on how Southern colonies lived, etc.


5.  You are now to draw a picture on the back of your note pad and label either the founder of your colonythe industry in your colonythe shape of your colony, or the flag of your colony.  Do not forget to label it :-)


6.  Use these site below for more information about the colonies including, Videos of
Battles, clip art, maps, timelines, quizzes, etc. for your multimedia presentation: