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California Indian Web Quest

CA Indian Tribes
Welcome Fourth Graders!
You are on the California (CA) discovery trail to learn all about CA Indians!
*NOTE*It is important to read all the instructions on this web quest
before you can begin. 
I will be asking you questions about it in class...
You will be assigned a CA Indian Tribe of your choice.  It will be a tribe that nobody else has chosen.  We will do this on the first day that we start our CA INDIAN QUEST!  After you have chosen your tribe, your QUEST BEGINS:
1.  Begin by looking for 4 images to use in your iPad2 Story Creator App Project. You will use a  guide to check off the images as you go along.  If you do not have a CA Indian Trail Quest Guide, please download it using this link:
 CA Indian Life Trail Quest Guide pdf file .  Use this link for a hard copy list of CA Indian Tribespdf .   Use this link for a colorful CA Indian Tribes Mappdf just like the one at the top of this web quest.
2. Your CA Indian Trail Quest Guide will ask you to use the following images for your Story Creator App Project:
1. An image of the tribe in general for the cover
2. An artifact image (baskets, arrows, tools, etc.)
3. An image of the type of dwelling (longhouse, teepee, etc.)
4. Two facts from a timeline found on this web quest with a border using authentic Indian art and a drawing of authentic Indian art.
5. An image of anything interesting, having to do with the tribe you chose (last page with your name, grade, room #).
3. You will be writing down a sentence or two under the image to complete each page of your Story Creator Project.  Read the fact card about your tribe before searching for images: CA Indian Fact Cards.
4. Click on this link to find a list of all the CA Indian Tribes.  You will choose only one tribe from the list. 
After choosing a tribe you can scroll down on that page and find a list of links for many types of images or you may google your tribe's name to find more information.
I have also found 2 other links that may help you in your quest:
* The North American Indian / Edward S. Curtis  (use images in slides #13, #14, #15 only)
 Research Map of CA Indians
 *(great images)
5.  QUEST #5-When you have completed all 4 pages with images and sentences in you Story Creator App you have another assignment for your quest:
1. Add one more page to your Story Creator App Project.
2. Click on this Historic Timeline link and find 2 historic facts or more about your chosen Indian Tribe.  Type them into your Story Creator App Project-page 4.
3.  Find Indian artwork that your tribe used for baskets or any artifact by going  back into the links listed on this web quest, or by using a search engine such as Google to make the following:  
-make a border around page 4 using Indian artwork from your tribe
draw a medium sized abstract or realistic drawing of your tribes artwork under the listed facts
-be sure you have your facts listed as well.
4. Page 5 is the last page with an image of your choice from the tribe you chose (this last page also has your name, grade, and room #)
6.  We will use a Multimedia Project Rubric to help you judge your own work progress as you go along.  You will use a Presentation Rubric to find out how to give a great presentation using your mobile iPad2 projected onto the screen.  I will be video taping you doing your presentation, therefore be ready by using this rubric.  Please download them both so you can use them as you go along completing each page of your project: