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 What is the AR website for Chollas-Mead?

Does my book have an AR Quiz?
You can find out by going to this search tool:
AR Book Search Tool

How do I find Recorded Voice Quizzes (or other types of quizzes)?
Log in>Go to the Accelerated Reader section in the middle of the Home page>Manage Quizzes>Reading Practice>In the search box click on More Criteria and choose the option to Show only Recorded Voice Quizzes and do a search.

I have quite a few AR Questions and need help?
If you are a teacher you can log in and find "Live Chat" in the upper
right hand corner. 
They are there to help right away after filling in your name.
You can also hit "Help" in the right hand corner as a search tool to guide you to many places on the AR website.  There are many, many PDF files to access once you get there.  Also, you can download the
AR Searches PDF File as well as the AR: Facts and Figures PDF files at the top of this web page to find lots of instructions and numbers used to qualify students as making gains.

How can I Log In?
A user name and password can be given to you by a computer prep teacher. If you are a teacher you will then be prompted to change your user name to something only you know.

My student logs in and AR won't allow the quiz to be taken.  Why?
Your student may have already taken the quiz OR AR is telling you that the student did not finish a quiz that was started earlier.  From the student log in page Go>Home>View Quizzes Taken and you will be able to see if a quiz has been taken or not.  Go>Home>Take a Quiz to finish one that needs to be taken.  Talk to a computer prep teacher for the monitor password that allows a student to by-pass taking a quiz.

How can I use AR in my classroom? (10 Most Important Practices pdf)
1. Label classroom books using an AR sticker on the outside binding or lower left corner of the book face. Use the colored dot system on the inside cover of the book so students know if the book is at the correct level.  Download this Book Leveling System for reference.

2. Students should be given a Star Test (Test Instructionspdf) as soon as enrollment is stabilized and names have been entered into the AR data base at the beginning of the year.  This way you can determine their ZDP ranges (independent reading range) and much more from a  Star Diagnostic Reportpdf that is generated after this test (see Check List 1 above for printing instructions).  This gives a teacher important information on optimizing student reading growth.  ATOS 2000 is the book leveling system AR uses.  It is similar to Lexile leveling. Use this Book Level Conversion Chartpdf to help you sort through ATOS 2000, Lexile, and, Guided Reading levels.  Keep in mind that ATOS 2000 book leveling takes into account 4 characteristics a book while Lexile takes into account 2 characteristics of a book.

3.  Have students log on to  Accelerated Reader to take a quiz during center or computer rotation time.  After taking their AR quiz students can log on to Orchard Now Online Assessments.  Each student can be given a Password Organizer Chart with all their passwords to keep in their assignment books or desk.   Teachers can make a master copy of each chart and save them inside a binder or folder.

4.  Designate which software students should be using by labeling your computers with instructions to take AR quizzes first and then to immediately 
log in to LearningUpgrade. This helps students understand the priority and importance placed on both software programs.

5. Student can use an AR Student Reading Logpdf to record their AR books, points levels, etc from the AR Home Page>View Quizzes Taken.  Do not allow students to take a quiz until the teacher has looked at the log.  Have students take the Vocabulary Quiz for a personal  Words Learned Report.

6. A TOPS Reportpdf should always be printed and used as a way to praise students and set new goals.  It can be sent home for parents to view.  AR is set up to "view" and print a TOPS Report after each child takes an AR quiz (If not see a computer prep teacher) To view your actual classroom students' TOPS Reports go to the teacher log in page of AR see and view "Help" for instructions.
8. Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly you can view a Student Record Report to analyze book levels, average points, interest level; always watching for quality over quantity.


7. Parent letters in English and Spanish can be sent home informing them how to access Home Connect which allows parents go online to view all quizzes their child takes and view books they have read as well as search for books.  See AR Searches above for accessing parent letters in AR or talk to a computer prep teacher about accessing parent letters.

8.  Find out how to receive Model Classroom Certification for individual
classes grades 1-6!
  Here is an articlepdf about a  first grade teacher who is Model Classroom Certified.

 Can AR be used at home?

AR is only to be used at the school site where the AR license was purchased.