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May/June STEAM
Thank you, USA 3D Store for making our Dolphin Awards for the Robotics Club!
Scratchblocks Scratch Screencasts
Scratch 1 minute screencasting is a new Scratch 2.0 feature.
Afterschool w/ Meccaniod
Meccanoid is almost ready to be unveiled at Chollas-Mead Elementary!
Constructivist Learning Evolving Professionally
Using Common Core/STEM insures we all evolve professionally and below are some ways I personnally have evolved and will continue to grow as a teacher:
Afterschool Lego Robotics using Scratch code and a Peer Coaching Plan After School Robotics / Pilots and Co-Pilots
Designing and Building after school, peer coaching of 22 worksheets during school.
Hour of Code at Chollas-Mead
Two Computer Scientist spoke to our computer classes and say that we are on the right track.
Skill Building Zone
Students enter a Skill Building Zone when they enter the computer lab!
WEDOLegoRoboticsKicker.jpg Ms. Gibson's Computer Lab -Room I / Blog
We Launched Computers 2 San Diego Kids and WEDO Lego Robotics: What's Next?