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Homework Policy

Homework Policy
My homework policy is fairly simple. I do not send home packets every week. I prefer daily assignments. They will receive a weekly reading log on Monday that is to be turned in on Friday but the rest of the homework is due daily. Each day they will usually receive a page of math and one or two pages of language arts work. This varies depending on what we are working on. Language arts work can include writing, word work, sentence work, etc. Occasionally, I will withhold intended homework if the concept seems too difficult and we need more time to work on it.
In doing the homework, I would like for every child to try their best. Some things will be easy and some things will be much more challenging. The point is to try their best. If there is something that they truly cannot figure out then I ask that they circle that item for me to see and go over it with them later. And as much as possible, I would like for them to work independently. It is good to give extra explanation as needed and give some assistance in some areas but encourage them to try and do it on their own.
Now, for the students who turn in their homework every day for a month, they get to have teacher lunch with me. I keep track of their homework on a chart near the front door, which you can check as often as you would like. At the end of each month I make a list of who has turned in their homework every day and they then join me for lunch in the classroom. They receive a treat, a pencil and a special award. This is done every month, typically on a Friday.