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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

School begins with morning announcements designed to bring the entire community of parents, students, and staff together with the common goal of supporting students as they head off to a day of learning.

7:45 a.m.Breakfast Program begins (serving ends at 7:50 a.m.) View menu. Opens in new window.
7:30 a.m.Campus open for all other students
7:30 a.m.Preschool: Morning group program begins
7:45 a.m.

All classes begin (including Kindergarten)


10:15-11:10 a.m.Recess/Lunch: Grade K & 1st Grade
10:45Preschool: Morning group program ends
10:50-11:45 a.m.Recess/Lunch: 2nd & 3rd Grade View menu. Opens in new window.
11:25-12:20 p.m.Recess/Lunch: 4th & 5th Grade View menu. Opens in new window.
11:30 a.m.Preschool: afternoon group program begins
Wednesdays Lunch:

Grade K & 1 10:20-11:00

Grade 2 & 3 10:40-11:20

Grade 4 & 5 11:00-11:40

12:15 p.m.Wednesday only: lunch/dismissal for all students except for p.m. pre-school classes
2:10 p.m.Regular School Dismissal (except for Wednesdays) for all students except preschool.