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We Are Taking Attendance


Taking attendance while we are off campus and utilizing the Distance Learning program will look a little different.  It is very important to us that we are in contact with all of our students to make sure they are in a safe environment and are checking in with their teachers.  We expect all of our students will continue to learn and our staff will continue to provide learning supports.  During each week, teachers will be monitoring which students take part in their classes and then mark attendance on each Friday.  Students will be learning in many different formats, so participation could be, but is not limited to the following methods:

○ participating in a live class,

○ participating in a virtual discussion or chat,

○ assignment submission (paper or electronic),

○ posting of comments on discussion boards,

○ logging into a teacher’s virtual classroom, (signing into a Google classroom will not count as we are unable to track logins - please make contact with the teacher for attendance)

○ attending an online meeting,

○ emailing the teacher, or

○ other forms of participation in distance learning activities assigned for the day and/or any other trackable formats that the teacher uses.

We also have created an Advisory Google Classroom where students can sign into a weekly attendance form before reading announcements and participating in Brain Breaks, Meditation, and Quote of the Week questions.  

If you think your student has been marked absent in error, please contact that teacher.  The teacher will work with Mrs. Maria Yap, our attendance clerk, to make any corrections if needed.