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Standing Desks

Many of Mrs. Holladay’s 6th grade English students are avid writers.  They love to create and, when given the opportunity, will write for extended amounts of time.  At the start of the year, when the students were tasked with writing a narrative piece, they requested a place in the classroom where they could stand to type their assignments. 

After brainstorming options and trying various furniture arrangements, they decided to post a project on Donor's Choose and hope a generous donor would support the class endeavor to create a classroom setting that provided some work space options.  They requested three stand-up workstations which would allow six students at a time access to a place where they could "Stand Up and Write" (the title of their project).

On February 3rd, they received notice that their project funding had been completed an anonymous donor from Massachusetts and the BIC Stationary Products company in honor of National Handwriting Day.  Within a week of that notification, the boxes arrived and room 507 officially had a place for students to stand while working. 

They are so appreciative of the platform Donor's Choose provided us to post their project and the generosity of the donors who contributed to their learning environment.  Each day as they get themselves into their preferred positions for learning and creating, the stand-up workstations are valued and utilized.