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PowerSchool Account Info Emailed


PowerSchool is a web-based application the district uses keep track of student data.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to create an account and to login regularly to monitor their student's attendance, grades, test scores, and other important information.  An email has been sent home with instructions on how to create a parent/guardian account.  Students have received their account information and use it to login regularly to a variety of programs.  If you have any problems with creating an account or logging in, please email Challenger's Site Technician, Ms. Danielle Kirkendall at dkirkendall@sandi.net.  If you ever have trouble logging in to your account, ask your student to login.  The only difference between a parent account and a student account is that a parent account is enabled to see sibling information.  Students can only see their own information. 

To login into the PowerSchool Portal, use the link posted on our home page or click here.