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Missing Tdap for 7th Grade?

Ready for 7th Grade

All 6th grade students are required by the State of California to have a pertussis booster immunization (Tdap) before starting the 7th grade.  Students who need to provide proof of the shot have been given a letter to take home.  Proof of immunization can be sent in with the student, faxed to 858-271-5203, mailed to school, or emailed to the school nurse, Becky Draper at rdraper@sandi.net.  If you have any questions, please contact Becky Draper. 

For more information about the Tdap immunization, please check out the following resources:

San Diego Immunization Registry, Resources for Parents - Clinics

San Diego Unified School District, Nursing and Wellness Department

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Centers for Disease Contol