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Missed the Mental Health Awareness Day?

Mental Health Awareness

Thank you to all the parents who participated in the Mental Health Awareness Day!  If you couldn't attend the parent workshop, we are fortunate to that Tiffany Lin from the Union of Pan Asian Communities (UPAC) is sharing the presentation with us.  Please click on the pdf document listed below:

Recognizing Early Warning Signs: How Do I Know When My Child Needs Extra Support



On Challenger's Mental Health Awareness Day, December 19, students will learn some ways of handling everyday stress and anxiety.  Parents are invited to join our students in one of the following activities at 7:15 AM, followed by a Principal's Chat and Parent Workshop:

7:15-7:44 AM Student/Parent Learning Sessions

 - Community Circles

 - Labyrinth Walk

 - Powerful Breathing

 - Yoga

8:00-10:00 AM Principal's Chat and Parent Workshop - Recognizing Early Warning Signs: How Do I Know When My Child Needs Support

Come and learn how to recognize early warning signs of factors that may impact our adolescents’ mental health.  We will explore the behaviors, responses, and changes that a child experiences that may indicate concerns about their mental health.  We will also have an open conversation about how one’s mental health may impact one’s performance at school, social relationships, and ability to complete his or her daily responsibilities.  We will also discuss about the environmental factors and biological factors that may influence mental health.  Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of what mental health is, how to care for one’s mental health, and knowledge of resources available in the community.

A light breakfast will be served during the Principal's Chat and Parent Workshop.  Please reserve your space with Julie Vitale at jvitale@sandi.net or 858-586-7001, extension 2211.

Mental Health Week Principal's Chat and Parent Workshop Flyer