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Message From the Principal

Challenger Middle School Planned Event for March 14

At 10:00 AM, students will be allowed to select if they want to remain in class or go to the Shuttle Court.  The students who choose to gather in the Shuttle Court will listen to student speeches and a brief rememberance of the those people that were lost one month ago.  At 10:25, students who opted to remain in class and those students in the Shuttle Court will be excused to lunch.  If you have any questions, please contact principal, Kate Dominique, or vice principal, Donny Tenorio.


Dear Challenger families,

At Challenger, our top priority is to support the academic and social emotional needs of our students, while maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment for all.  We respect and support the right of our students to advocate for causes that are important to them and welcome the opportunity to work with any students or student group to discuss appropriate and creative ways to do so while in school.  They can contact me or Mr. Tenorio, the Vice Principal, at any time.

Per the superintendent, if students’ parents/guardians wish to remove students so that they can supervise them in a planned march, we can release students on an absence excuse slip and mark the absence as excused.  As with our normal policy, in order for a parent/guardian to pick up their child they must be listed as the parent/guardian in PowerSchool.  If students walk off the campus unsupervised and without parent/guardian removal, we will mark the students with an unexcused absence and notify parents/guardians immediately.  It’s important to know that disorderly conduct that disrupts school operations is not acceptable and will be handled compassionately, but firmly, in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct.

I encourage you to talk to your child(ren) about how they may be feeling about gun violence and the importance of expressing themselves in appropriate ways at school.  I am working with students and teachers to provide an opportunity for students to speak and/or demonstrate in a peaceful and productive fashion with guidance and support from staff on March 14th with more information to follow.

Thank you for your continued support of Challenger Middle School.

Best Regards,

Kate Dominique