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Homework Policy

Schoolwide Homework Policy

Homework helps students become self-directed, independent learners and improves academic achievements. We believe homework should enhance learning while allowing a balanced life. Homework assignments are purposeful, relevant, and designed to support student learning.  Parents are encouraged to take an interest in the homework activities of their children and provide conditions that are conducive to good study habits.

So far as possible, homework is adjusted to the goals, abilities, and interests of students.  Some students may require more time for study than others, and different subjects require different amounts of homework.  Therefore, the amount of homework per day may vary. If the time spent doing homework exceeds the following guidelines, please contact your child’s teacher. The guidelines include:

•60 minutes per day for 6th grade students
•70 minutes per day for 7th grade students
•80 minutes per day for 8th grade students*

*Students taking high school credit courses (Filipino, Spanish, Integrated Math I Advanced) will require additional time spent on homework.

While it is possible that homework may be given on weekends, holidays, or breaks, we will strive to keep this to a minimum.

Please read below for Homework Plans by Department.  For more detailed information regarding the homework plan of a specific teacher, please go to the teacher’s website and review their course syllabus.

This policy was approved by the Challenger School Governance Team (SGT) on May 11, 2017.