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Grading Period (P2) Ends December 1

The school year is divided into two semesters with three six-week grading periods within each semester.  Progress reports are issued for the first two six-week grading periods of each semester.  The third and final period for each semester the permanent grade is documented on the student's transcript.  Students and parents are encouraging to regularly login to PowerSchool and check the student's ongoing progress.  The six-week progress report/report card is listed under the section Marks and will be displayed on the Friday the progress report or report card is distributed. 

Grading Periods for 17-18
Ends                    Progress Report/Report Card Issued - Students take home reports.
October 13           Friday, October 20 - First 6-week progress report
December 1         Friday, December 8 - Second 6-week progress report
January 26           Friday, February 2 - Final first semester report card
March 9               Friday, March 16 - First 6-week progress report
April 27                 Friday, May 4 - Second 6-week progress report
June 13 - Final second semester report card mailed home by the district two weeks later

For more information about Grade Point Average (GPA) and grades, please read our Grades and Grade Point Average page.