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FitnessGram Testing Through March 15


The FitnessGram is a required physical fitness test for students in fifth, seventh, and ninth grades in the State of California.  One of the goals of the test is help students reach healthy physical standards (Healthy Fitness Zone) for their age that will help to establish an active lifestyle which will then in turn benefit them throughout their lives.  Students in the 10th and 12th grades are offered another chance in the fall to pass the test before class scheduling begins to determine if they will continue taking a Physical Education course.  Challenger students will take the test over the course of several days in their PE classes between February 4-March 15.  Parents can help their students do well on the tests by encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle at home.  For more information, please click here and here.  You may also contact your student's physical education teacher if you have any questions.