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First Place Solo and Team Award Goes to Challenger


Young people gathered from all over San Diego County to enjoy fun learning opportunities on Super STEM Saturday held at University of California at San Marcos on March 11.  Challenger students from the Rubik's Cube Club met club sponsor, Mrs. Belknap at the campus to represent our school during the county-wide Rubik's Cube Competition.  Our team won first place in Division 2 with eight students solving cubes with a total time of 02:07:427 minutes.  Vi Huynh, 8th grader, won first place solo award with the amazing time of 00:21:78 seconds!  Challenger students also get a big round of applause for their awesome sportsmanship.  We had some extra backup team members who filled in for students who were missing from another school that way the students who did show up for the competition could participate.  Way to go, Challenger Cubers!  We are very proud of you!

Vivian Bui, First Place Soloist

Challenger Middle School Rubik's Cube Team Members

Brandon Dillard

Nathan Ehlert

Vi Huynh

Nikhil Jain

Corbin Moeckel

Mang Nilian

Truman Phan

Joaquin Vallina

Aysha Walker

Alex Watson

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