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CA School Parent Survey

The California Department of Education has developed three surveys as part of the California School Climate, Health, and Learning System to learn more our students and our schools.  On Monday, April 24, students brought home a paper copy of the California School Parent Survey (CSPS) for their parents/guardians to complete.  Seventh grade students have completed their online surveys, and staff members will complete their portion of the survey shortly.  The surveys are anonymous.  The data from the surveys will be compiled by the State and used to help schools improve learning environments and student achievement.  For more information about the CSPS, please visit the California Department of Education website.

The parent survey has been printed in a variety of languages.  If you would like one in a language other than what your student brought hojme, it can be picked up from Mrs. Vo in the Counseling Center.  We hope to have most of the surveys returned to us by May 31.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. An Vo, 7th Grade Counselor.