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Budget Survey for Parents & Community


Hi Challenger Community,

I am tasked with coordinating with our School Site Council on the development of a balanced budget. Your assistance with identifying priorities is needed. Our district will release the 2020-21 school budget data to Principals on Wednesday, January 29. We have to return a balanced budget to the district office by February 10.

Our district will provide allocations for teachers and other support staff based upon student enrollment.  We will also receive a sum of money to fund additional positions not allocated to the site, purchase instructional materials, provide professional development for staff members, and other specific school items.  Please keep in mind that I will not receive classified allocations until January 29, and so some of the items below are in the event that our classified positions are reduced (noon duty supervision, library media tech, site tech, clerks, network tech, etc.). 

In the meantime, I would like your input regarding what you believe Challenger needs in order to provide the best education for our students. Please be specific and prioritize what you believe is most important. This information will assist me with the task of building a balanced budget for 2020-21.

Please complete this form by Tuesday, January 28.  Click here to take survey.

Our goal is to prepare our children for success not only at Challenger Middle and Mira Mesa High, but also the day after they finish high school. I am requesting input from parents, staff members, and community stakeholders on where priorities should be placed.

Thank you for your support.

Kate Dominique
Challenger Middle School