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Site Governance Team (SGT)

Cheetah_eyeIf you are interested in participating as a representative of the community, parents or students, please contact Tania Verdugo, 858-586-7001, ext. 2203.
Purpose Statement
The district's position with restructuring and site governance teams is "for the purpose of enhancing student achievement. The sole reason to move the focus of control to the Site Governance Team is for the improvement of the instructional program, not merely to empower the stakeholders at the site."

The Eye of the Cheetah mural, completed by artist Justine Devine in 2009, watches the students during lunch from it's home on the two-story 900 building.


The Process
1. Any stakeholder may submit an agenda item for SGT consideration.  Stakeholders include students, parents, teachers, and classified employees at Challenger.  All stakeholders have representative(s) that serve on SGT on their behalf.   For more detailed info regarding representatives, refer to tables below.
2. All agenda items must be submitted in writing directly to the representative.  Requests must include a title and a 2-5 sentence proposal outlining the concern/question/idea. 
3. Representatives will forward all submitted agenda items to Principal Diane Ryan, SGT Chairperson Danny Cook, and SGT Secretary Tania Verdugo via email by the deadline date listed in the table below.

SGT Members for 2016-17/ Stakeholder Group
Gigi Cabulio/ Parent
Jen Felix/ Parent
Mohamad Zulali/ Parent
Diane Ryan/ Principal
Ted Foster/ Teacher
Bryan Remillard/ Teacher
Tammy Lepage/ Teacher
Danny Cook/ Teacher
Jeff Talsky/ SDEA Representative
Caleigh Johnsen/ Student
Holly Alspaugh/ Classified Employee

Deadline for Submitting Agenda Items to Representative  
October 31                                                     
November 28                                                  
January 2                                                       
January 30                                                     
February 27                                                    
April 3                                                            
May 1                                                            
May 30                                                          

Date Agenda Must be Posted   
November 7   
December 5   
January 9   
February 6   
March 6   
April 10  
May 8   
June 5   

SGT Meeting Dates
November 10
December 8
January 12 - Canceled due to no agenda items
February 9 - Canceled due unforseen circumstances
March 9
April 13
May 11
June 8


SGT Meeting Minutes 1-14-16

SGT Agenda 2-15-16

SGT Agenda 3-24-16

SGT Meeting Minutes 3-24-16

SGT Agenda 4-28-16

SGT Meeting Minutes 4-28-16

SGT Agenda 5-19-16

SGT Meeting Minutes 5-19-16

SGT Meeting Minutes 6-16-16


SGT Agenda 10-13-16

SGT Meeting Minutes 10-13-16

SGT Agenda 11-10-16

SGT Meeting Minutes 11-10-16

SGT Agenda 12-8-16

SGT Agenda 2-9-17

SGT Agenda 3-9-17

SGT Agenda 4-13-17

SGT Agenda 5-11-17