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School Site Council (SSC)

Alma_MaterThe School Site Council (SSC) consists of a group of parents, community members, staff and students who create a school site plan based on the school's needs and certain restricted funds.  Anyone is welcome to attend the SSC meetings at 6:30 AM on the second Thursday of each month in room 101.  Please view the school's calendar for correct time and date.  Only members will be allowed to vote on agenda items.  If you have any questions about the SSC, you may contact the SSC Chair, Paul McMahon, or the principal's office at 858-586-7001.


The Alma Mater mural completed in 2011 by artist Justine Devine is on the east side of the two-story 900 building.

Current Members
Kate Dominique – Principal
Paul McMahon – Chair/Teacher
Mary Hight – Teacher
Chris Kelly – Teacher
Theresa Lambert - Teacher
Julie Vitale – Classified Staff
Reese Cormier – Student
Indra Sai – Student
Makela Solbak – Student
Bob Turner – Parent
Monica Fleming – Parent
Whitney Fabrie - Parent
Debbie Raynor - Non-voting Member, DAC Representative

2018-19 Meeting Dates
October 11
November 8
December 13
January - 10
February 14
March 14
April 11
May 9


Guidelines for Implementation of the San Diego Unified School District Parent Involvement Policy

Challenger Home School Compact

Challenger Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Challenger SSC Bylaws


SSC Agenda 5-15-17

SSC Meeting Minutes 5-15-17

SSC Agenda 10-12-17

SSC Meeting Minutes 10-12-17

SSC Agenda 11-9-17

SSC Meeting Minutes 11-9-17

SSC Agenda 12-14-17

SSC Meeting Minutes 12-14-17

SSC Agenda 2-1-18

SSC Meeting Minutes 2-1-18

SSC Agenda 2-22-18

SSC Meeting Minutes 2-22-18

SSC Agenda 3-8-18

SSC Meeting Minutes 3-8-18

SSC Agenda 4-12-18

SSC Meeting Minutes 4-12-18

SSC Agenda 5-29-18

SSC Meeting Minutes 5-29-18

SSC Agenda 11-15-18


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