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Principal's Message

Hello Challenger Families, Staff and Students:

I am honored to work in the Challenger Middle School community. Challenger is known for its caring teachers, hard-working students and supportive families.  Challenger is a truly diverse school, representing many cultural backgrounds, and we celebrate this diversity in many ways throughout our campus and school year.  We continue to have high expectations for all of our Challenger students and support them on their journey through middle school.

Inclusivity is at the core of our instruction at Challenger.  We believe that all students should have an opportunity to access the Common Core Standards.  To this effort, all students participate in the general education classroom with varying degrees of support.   

Personally, I believe that we all need work/school/life balance.  It is very important to me that our students learn self-care, while also participating fully in their education.  Much as I do with our students, I believe adults are at their best when we take time for ourselves.  In order to recharge, I spend time with my family in Ohio and enjoy spending time outdoors running or paddle boarding.  My yoga practice keeps me grounded when the days are hectic. I frequently encourage staff and students to have a balanced life between work/school, fun and rest.

I believe middle school is a critical time in a young person's life and in his/her education.  When students enter the sixth grade many of them are still children: curious and exploring, asking questions of the world around them. Throughout the middle school years many students transition to young adults, and start defining their identify and how they fit into the world.  It is our job, as parents and teachers, to support them through this journey.  The most important thing we can do as the staff and family of Challenger students, is work together as a team to support your children/our students to the greatest extent possible.  As your principal, I am here to support you.  I enjoy talking and listening with parents to hear your perspective, so please consider joining me at our School Site Council meetings, School Governance meetings, or through our wonderful PTO.  You may also reach me at any time via email at kdominique@sandi.net.  

 I look forward to seeing you soon.

 Best Regards,

Kate Dominique, Principal