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Electronic Device Use

Electronic devices include, but are not limited to, cell phones, smart watches, tablets, cameras, iPods, and MP3 players.

All electronic devices shall be turned off during the school day except when being used for a valid instructional or other school related purpose as determined by the teacher or other district employee. Any device with camera, video or voice recording function shall not be used in any manner which infringes on the privacy rights of any other person and they must be turned off and kept out of site when in the PE locker room. Students are required to follow Network Use Guidelines – unauthorized use and violations will result in the confiscation of the electronic device. All confiscated devices will be held in the Administrative office and released only to a parent/guardian.

Students who engage in inappropriate use, access or sharing of personal, school or individual electronic data will be subject to disciplinary action. Inappropriate electronic communication which is demeaning, harassing, bullying or teasing based upon sex, race, ethnicity, religion, disability (physical and mental), sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation may be subject to legal and/or disciplinary action. These guidelines apply when going to and from school or to and from a school-related activity on school grounds and at any school-related activity supervised by school personnel.

Under Education Code Section 48901.5, the school is authorized to regulate possession or use of Electronic Communication Devices (ECDs) by students who are on campus, who attend school-sponsored activities, or who are under the supervision of school district employees.

A student who brings an ECD to school is responsible for ensuring that ECD does not disrupt class or any school function. ECDs must be turned off and kept out of sight before school, during the school day, during all class time and testing time except when being used for a valid instructional or other school related purpose as determined by the teacher or other district employee. Students may use their ECD immediately after the dismissal bell at the end of the school day. Students may not talk on ECD or text during the school day. Use of ECDs or ECDs camera during PE or in the PE locker room is prohibited at all times. If an ECD rings or vibrates during class or other school activity, it will be confiscated and sent to the Administrative Office for storage until a parent/guardian comes to school to pick it up.

A student is prohibited from using the ECD’s camera and/or video functions except when being used for a valid instruction or other school related purpose as determined by the teacher or other district employee, while on campus, while at a school activity, or while under the supervision of school staff whether on or off campus.

ECDs must not be used for bullying, harassing, threatening, or teasing of students or school staff. ECDs must not be used to send threats and must not contain photos that are sexually explicit, photos of illegal activities, or photos of unlawful drugs or drug paraphernalia.

If a student brings an ECD to school, the site Administrators reserve the right to search the ECDs and review photos, videos, voicemail messages, text messages, and any other capabilities when there is reasonable suspicion and/or when the law otherwise allows. If a parent objects to the school viewing items on the phone or listening to or reading messages, then the parent shall not allow the child to bring an ECD to school. The school may also share the ECD with police. The school is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal electronic devices

If a student whose ECD has disrupted the school refuses to turn their ECD over to staff immediately when requested or if a student uses a ECD in a manner that violates this handbook or other school rules, the student will be disciplined for disruption and/or willful defiance, which may include after school detention, In-School-Suspension, or Suspension, and the student may be prohibited from bringing an ECD to school or activities.