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Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony

8th graders who meet the 8th Grade Participation Criteria will be able to attend the promotion ceremony.
Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Time: 8:30 - 10:00 AM

Families will be allowed on campus at 8:00 AM.  The school day is a regular minimum day for students and will be dismissed at 12:20 PM.  Parents of eighth graders who participate in the ceremony are asked to sign out with the attendance office to have their eighth grader leave with them after the ceremony has been completed.  A form will be sent home with your student that must be signed and returned to Challenger to indicate whether your student will remain at Challenger after the ceremony or leave school with you.


Location: Shuttle Court - outside seating, no cover
Parking: The staff parking lot will be available for visitors.  Please help us to be a good neighbor and park in legal parking areas.  The police do enforce parking regulations around our school especially if a car is parked in front of someone's driveway.
Student Dress Code:
- Challenger Dress Code will apply
- We recommend dressy casual clothing, but students will not be excluded unless clothing does not meet Challenger's Dress Code.  Students should dress nicely, but not formally.
- If you are not sure if an item of clothing or shoes meet the dress code, please check with your student's counselor.

Balloon Bouquets: Please sit at the back of the audience so everyone has optimal viewing.
Limousines: We request no limousines on promotion day.
Siblings: If you would like a sixth or seventh grade brother or sister to attend the ceremony or leave school early, please contact the attendance office before June 9, 2020.


Special Seating: If you or any family members require special seating or accommodations due to physical disabilities (such as a need for sign language), please contact your student's counselor ahead of time at 858-302-3000, and we will try to meet your needs.  The campus is wheelchair accessible with several handicapped parking spaces located near entrances.  We recommend that you arrive early if you need those parking spaces.
Student's Personal Belongings: Please have your child carry no extra possessions on promotion ceremony day.
Non-Participation: Students who do not meet the participation requirements are not allowed to be a visitor and attend the ceremony as a member of the audience.

Please contact the student's counselor if the student is having financial difficulty and needs assistance with school items.