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Dress Code

Challenger Middle School students are expected to dress for success.  In an effort to develop considerate, responsible citizens the following dress code is required for all students and is not negotiable. Clothing and jewelry cannot depict any profanity, weapons, violence, gang-related, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual act or be offensive to any gender, ethnicity, or faith. The school assumes no responsibility for loss or theft of clothing or jewelry.

Pants, shorts, skirts, dresses
• Worn at the waist, no sagging, no underwear showing – may be required to wear zip-tie if sagging
• Leggings can be worn provided the length of the shirt covers the waist band of the leggings (no cropped tops)
• Ripped jeans that expose the top half of the thigh are not allowed
• Shorts, skirts, dresses must cover the top half of the thigh

• No strapless tops
• No low cut tops, no exposed cleavage
• No tight tank tops with low cut armholes
• No tummy exposed when arms are raised
• No off the shoulder or provocative clothing exposing bra, cleavage, midriff, or back

• Must be closed-toe and have a closed back
• No slippers
• Heels cannot exceed two inches

Hats, Beanies, and Hoods
• Hats, beanies and hoods must be removed when entering a building and must not distract from instruction.
• Hats with visors must be worn facing forward to protect the face.  

• Must be appropriate for school and not pose a safety issue

• Any clothing, accessories, or colors that are associated with gangs are prohibited; this includes wallet chains, bandanas, hairnets, excessive jewelry, etc.
• Sunglasses are not to be worn indoors unless prescribed by a doctor

DRESS CODE CONSEQUENCES – Administration will determine dress code violations and may require students to change into loaner clothing for the day. Inappropriate clothing may be picked up by student at the end of the day.  All unclaimed items will be donated to charity (2 times per school year, after each semester). Consequences include:

• First offense – Student will make phone call home and change into loaner clothes
• Second offense – Student will change into loaner clothes, Administrator will contact parent and assign an after-school detention for 30 minutes
• Third offense – Student will change into loaner clothes, Administrator will contact parent and assign a Friday school detention for 60 minutes
• Additional Offenses will be viewed as defiance and may result in suspension

Approved by SGT on 06-07-18