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Elba Vera

I am Principal at Carver.  Welcome to our wonderful school. Working with the staff and community is stimulating and rewarding. I believe that all students can achieve at high levels when they receive quality instruction and are able to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. My most important job is to establish and maintain a school climate in which everyone, adults and children, can do his or her best work.

Carver has talented dedicated teachers and support staff. Many have master's degrees and special certifications in special education, GATE (Gifted and Talented Education program), math, reading and science. Teachers hold students to high standards and support students in a variety of ways, to help them meet state grade level standards. One of my responsibilities is to provide ongoing professional development to ensure teachers continue to develop their skills to meet the demands of our diverse learners and the increasingly rigorous testing system. We welcome your interest and involvement in our school, where great things are happening.
I am ecstatic to report that over the last two years: our CST scores have increased by 78 points; we have added after school clubs in art, crafts and science; 39 students were reclassified from English learners to proficient English speakers.
Carver Coyotes ROCK!!