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Counseling program


Ms. Cowan is excited to join the Carver community this year as the school counselor. She will be here full-time (Monday through Friday) to provide a comprehensive counseling program that supports student success at school in the areas of academics, social/emotional needs, and career aspirations. She works with students individually and in groups to resolve conflicts, achieve goals, improve social skills, and promote a sense of belonging. 


She also visits classrooms to teach guidance lessons that encourage school-wide student success. This year, Ms. Cowan will be using the Second Step curriculum for many of the lessons, which teaches skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, and problem solving.


In addition to working with students in groups, individually, and in the classroom, Ms. Cowan provides resources and makes community referrals for families in need of emergency assistance or counseling. Her goal is to support students and families so that students can thrive at school.


Ms. Cowan can be reached by email at scowan@sandi.net or by phone at (619) 344-6600 x2102.


Attendance information http://www.attendanceworks.org

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