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  It's a rare Election Day in San Diego when voter turnout reaches above 50%, but on Friday, September 22, Carver Elementary had a rousing 98% of  2nd through 5th graders turn up to the polling booths in the Library to cast their ballots for this years Student Council.  The week long campaign ended on Friday morning with student speeches in the auditorium for all eligible voters (2nd thru 5th grade).  A record 32 students ended up on the ballot and giving speeches which showed their unique vision and desire to make Carver a better learning place for all students.  Many students promised more fundraising with a focus on field trips and improved P.E. equipment, while several candidates took on bullying and after school alternatives as their focus. The energy of the speeches continued to lunch recess where the voting booths were set up in the Library. The 4th graders of Room 15 organized and ran a very smooth election, checking off names, distributing ballots, assisting those with questions and ensuring that all students could vote.  Thanks to all involved for a great election and we are looking forward to seeing what this years Student Council achieves!