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School Site Council By-laws



Revised November 2010



Article I

Duties of the School Site Council


The school site council of GeorgeWashingtonCarverElementary School, hereinafter referred to as the council, shall carry out the following duties:

·         Obtain recommendations for, and review of the proposed Single Plan for Student Achievement from all school advisory committees

·         Develop and approve the plan and related expenditures in accordance with all state and federal laws and regulations

·         Recommend the plan and expenditures to the governing board for approval

·         Provide ongoing review of the implementation of the plan with the principal, teachers, and other school staff members

·         Make modifications to the plan whenever the need arises

·         Submit the modified plan for governing board approval whenever a material change (as defined in district governing board policy) is made in planned activities or related expenditures

·         Continually evaluate the progress made toward school goals to raise the academic achievement of all students

·         Carry out all other duties assigned to the council by the district governing board and by state law


Article II


Section A: Composition

The council shall be composed of 10 members, selected by their peers, as follows: 3 classroom teachers, 2 other school staff members, 5 parents or community members.  The school principal shall be an ex officio member of the council.  Council members chosen to represent parents may be employees of the school district so long as they are not employed at this school.


Section B: Election Procedures

Elections shall be held in May/June.  Representatives of constituency groups shall be elected democratically by their constituency.


Section C: Term of Office

Council members shall be elected for 2 year terms.  Half, or the nearest approximation thereof, of each representative group shall be elected during odd years, and the remaining number of elected during even years.  At the first regular meeting of the council, each member’s current term of office shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.


Section D: Voting Rights

Each member of the council is entitled to one vote and may cast that vote on any matter submitted to a vote of the council.  Absentee ballots shall not be permitted.


Section E: Termination of Membership

The council may, by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all its members, suspend or expel a member.  Any elected member may terminate his or her membership by submitting a verbal or a written letter of resignation to the council chairperson.


Section F: Transfer of Membership

Membership on the council may not be assigned or transferred.


Section G: Vacancy

Any vacancy on the council shall be filled for the remainder of the school year with an appointment by the respective chairperson with input from the constituent group.  If the unexpired term is for another full year thereafter, the regular selection process shall fill the term for that year.

Article III


Section A: Officers

The officers of the council shall be a chairperson, secretary and other officers the council may deem desirable.

The chairperson shall:

·         Preside at all meetings of the council

·         Sign all letters, reports and other communications of the council

·         Perform all duties incident to the office of the chairperson

·         Have other such duties as are prescribed by the council

The secretary shall:

·         Keep minutes of all regular and special meetings of the council

·         Transmit true and correct copies of the minutes of such meetings to members of the council and to school staff

·         Provide all notices in accordance with these bylaws

·         Be custodian of the records of the council

·         Keep a register of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of each member of the council and others with whom the council has regular business, as furnished by those persons

·         Perform other such duties as are assigned by the chairperson or the council


Section B: Election and Terms of Office

The officers shall be elected annually, at the 1st meeting of the council, and shall serve for one year, or until each successor has been elected.


Section C: Removal of Officers

Any officer may be removed from their office by a two-thirds vote of all the members.


Section D: Vacancy

A vacancy in any office shall be filled at the earliest opportunity by a special election of the council, for the remaining portion of the term of office.


Article IV


Section A: Sub-committees

The council may establish and abolish sub-committees of their own membership to perform duties as shall be prescribed by the council.  At least one member representing teachers and one member representing parents shall make up the sub-committee.  No sub-committee may exercise the authority of the council.


Section B: Other Standing and Special Committees

The council may establish and abolish standing or special committees with such composition and to perform such duties as shall be prescribed by the council.  No such committee may exercise the authority of the council.


Section C: Terms of Office

The council shall determine the terms of office for members of a committee.


Section D: Rules

Each committee may adopt rules for its own government not inconsistent with these bylaws or rules adopted by the council, or policies of the district governing board.


Section E: Quorum

A majority (51% or greater) of the members of the committee (of filled positions only) shall constitute a quorum, unless otherwise determined by the council.  The act of a majority of the members present shall be the act of the committee, provided a quorum is present.


Article V

Meetings of the Council

Section A: Meetings

The council shall meet regularly on the 2nd Monday of each month school is in session.  Special meetings of the council may be called by the chairperson or by a majority vote of the council

Section B: Place of Meetings

The council shall hold its regular meetings at a facility provided by the school, unless such a facility accessible to the public, including handicapped persons, is unavailable.  Alternate meeting places may be determined by the chairperson or by majority vote of the council.


Section C: Time of Meeting

The council shall hold its regular meetings and its special meetings at a time selected by a majority vote of the council members at the 1st meeting.  A time limit for meetings shall be set by the council.


Section D: Notice of Meetings

Written public notice shall be given of all meetings at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting.  Changes in the established date, time or location shall be given special notice.  Required notices shall be in writing; shall specify the date, time and location of the meeting; and shall be delivered to council and committee members no less than 72 hours, and no more than 5 days in advance of the meeting either by mail or sent home with students. 


Section E: Quorum

The act of the majority of the members present shall be the act of the council, provided a quorum is in attendance, and no decision may otherwise be attributed to the council.  A majority of the members of the council (51% or greater) shall constitute a quorum.


Section F: Conduct of Meetings

Meetings of the council shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of order established by California Education Code Section 35147 (c) and with Robert’s Rules of Order or an adaptation thereof approved by the council.


Section G: Meetings Open to the Public

All meetings of the council, and of committees established by the council, shall be open to the public.  Notice of such meetings shall be provided in accordance with Section D of this article.


Section H: Decision Making

Council decisions should be made by consensus.  Consensus is defined as “a decision everyone present can live with.”  If no consensus is possible, all decisions of the council shall be made only after a vote of a majority of its members in attendance provided there is a quorum.  In the case of a tie vote, dispute resolution procedures may be used.


Article VI



An amendment of these Bylaws may be made at any regular meeting of the council by a vote of two-thirds of the members present.  Written notice of the proposed amendment must be submitted to council members at least 10 days prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be considered for adoption.



Article VII

Dispute Resolution Procedure


The council shall use the interest-based process for conflict resolution.  Interest-based process calls for both sides to generate their respective interests, look for areas where there are common interests on the topic, and then work together to identify possible solutions.  A facilitator or mediator may be used when necessary.











Attachment 1




School Site Council Legal Responsibilities




Section 52853.  Contents of school plan; annual review or modifications; new budget.



The school site council shall develop a school plan which shall include:


(a)               Curricula, instructional strategies and materials responsive to the individual needs

and learning styles of each pupil;


(b)               Instructional and auxiliary services to meet the special needs of non-English-

speaking or limited-English-speaking pupils, including instruction in a language

these pupils understand; educationally disadvantaged pupils; gifted and talented

pupils; and pupils with exceptional needs;


(c)               A staff development program for teachers, other school personnel,

paraprofessionals, and volunteers, including those participating in special



(d)               Ongoing evaluation of the educational program of the school;


(e)               Other activities and objectives as established by the council;


(f)                 The proposed expenditures of funds available to the school through the programs described in Section 52851.  For purposes of this subdivision, proposed expenditures

of funds available to the school through the programs described in Section 52851

shall include, but not be limited to, salaries and staff benefits for persons providing services for those programs (including centralized services.)



The school site council shall annually review the school plan, establish a new budget, and if necessary, make other modifications in the plan to reflect changing needs and priorities.