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Ms. Jaeger / STEAM Resource Teacher


Ms. Renea Jaeger

STEAM Resource Teacher, Room 35

My Classroom:

When you enter my classroom, students will typically be involved in collaborative learning in partnerships or in larger groups.  They may be discussing concepts, or finding solutions to problems.  Students will gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.  Solving the problem may require them to incorporate a wide variety of skills at any given time.  They may be reading to gain knowledge or to confirm their thoughts.  They may be looking at data to determine patterns or trends and then to formulate generalizations.  They may be setting up experiments to test their thinking or creating models to demonstrate their learning.  Oftentimes, they will determine the best path for their learning.


In addition, as students are engrossed in design thinking and become solution focused their projects will reflect this thinking. They will be working towards demonstrating their understanding through projects.  Projects will be determined by students and will best fit their needs.  Some examples may be creating a documentary, public service announcement, or an image rich, narrated screencast.  Others may choose to create a website, marketing materials, or an infographic to relay their message.  While others may create a product that can be displayed as a result of learning.


Intertwined in their problem solving will be interdisciplinary content as appropriate and necessary to continue the learning.  As a STEAM classroom, we will continually be integrating science, technology, engineering, arts and math.


About Me:

I’ve been lucky and have travelled to a wide variety of countries.  During many of these trips, I’ve had the added pleasure of cycling through some.  Some highlights have been cycling to Everest Base Camp in Tibet, riding through the Himalayas of N. India, and cycling the ruins of Siem Riep.  As I’ve traveled, I have been able to study and learn about the cultures, landforms, and heritage of many differing regions.


In addition, I’ve had many opportunities to share my classroom experiences and learning with other teachers by presenting at SDCUE and CUE.

Here is one example:

Infographics: Telling a Story with Data