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Mr. Stuetz, P.E. Teacher



At Carson Elementary we proudly support school wide fitness through programs such as:

- 200 minutes of physical education every two weeks supported through my weekly PE Class as well as YMCA via Y Play
- Running Club: Mornings (7:25-7:45) PARENTS WELCOME and volunteers appreciated!
- Recess Sports League: Friday
- Jog-A-Thon & Field Day
- Fifth graders take part in Fitness gram testing which measures aerobic capacity, body index, curl ups, flexibility, and push ups

       As the physical education teacher, I have the privilege of working with every student in the school. Children are given the opportunity to be active in my class once a week. We work on skills such as sharing, turn taking, and improving overall health, along with skills such as dribbling, kicking, and striking. I believe that physical activity boosts cognitive function, social interaction, and self-esteem.   

       Students will be graded in two categories. One category is physical fitness, or the general state of health and well-being, while the other category is effort and social skills. Effort is defined as an attempt to do something. Social skills are ways of dealing with others that create healthy and positive interactions. Every student can achieve success by being active, trying their best, and being kind to other in physical education.

       Carson Elementary STEAM Magnet will continue to follow the laws of healthy foods on campus set by the state of California. Please remember that only approved snacks will be allowed on campus which means for lunch, birthdays, and other celebrations. To find the list of approved snacks on campus please see me, or visit this link.

For more ideas of how to reward students on their birthdays, or in everyday life, please click this helpful link.

Brian Stuetz

Here are a list of programs that provide fun and healthy activities for kids:

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You can use the following links to encourage your children to exercise at home: 

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Sports Rec Home Exercises for Kids         San Diego Unified School District Wellness Resources


Here are some pictures of my wife, daughter and I celebrating her 2nd birthday with her first trip to Disneyland!