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Special Education Team

Special Education Mission and Philosophy

         Our mission is to prepare each student to be contributing members of society and to anticipate successfully in our local, as well as, global, community.  We direct student to achieve academies and communicative skills while at the same time facilitate there social and emotional development with a goal of becoming lifelong learners. 

         Our students are educated in a school community where everyone belongs and is accepted.  Every attempt is made to educate students with special education needs in the least restricted needs in the least restricted environment.  Our primary goal is to integrate and provide supplementary aids and services in an effort to foster success. 

 Special Education Team: 

             Susan Colosimo:
           Education Specialist

              Steve Strohbehn:
             School Psychologist

                   Julie Wong:
             Education Specialist

               Brenda Allen:
          Speech Pathologist







                     Pat Frost:
              Resource Specialist