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Field Trips

schoolbus.gif  Most of our field trips have already taken place this year.  We have visited the Chula Vista Nature Center, Tecolote Canyon, and Mission de Alcala.  Some of room 5 students (about 12 of them) will be selected to go to the San Diego County Fair at the end of the year.  The children chosen will be those with great behavior, those who finish all their assignments, and those who have worked hard all year.

 Events –
• September –
o Ocean Discovery Institute brings the wetlands in to the classroom through fun lessons and activities.
o CARE – The Museum of Photographic Arts sends an artist to teach the students all about photography.  Students get to create their own photographic portfolios and some of them even get their photos hung in the museum. 
• December – Old Town – students spend a week learning about California and San Diego history while visiting the historical park at Old Town.
• June – Gold Rush Day – The students get to act out the characters they had created in their journals during social studies class.  They spend the morning visiting various stations on the blacktop.  These include a stop at our Saloon for a root beer and cookie, panning for gold, visiting our auction house, and even Mrs. Worrall at the barber shop.  The students earn “gold nuggets” throughout the weeks that can be spent at the stations.  They are also encouraged to dress up as their character in the clothes of 1849.  Parents are welcome to join in the fun by volunteering on that day.  Keep your eye out for more information coming your way.
• July – Living History Museum – Students will pick a person in California history and do an in-depth research report on them.  They will be asked to dress up as their person and give an oral and written presentation at our “museum”.  Parents are urged to help their students find suitable materials for their costumes.  We also urge you to attend the “museum” on that day.  More information will follow.