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Susan Yates, 3rd/4th Grade Teacher
Room 8- Cadman Elementary

I have happily lived in Clairemont for over 35 years with my wonderful husband and son. I have also been teaching for San Diego Unified Schools almost that long. I have worked in the classroom most of that time but have also worked as a peer coach and a literacy and social studies resource teacher. I have a B.A. in Education with an emphasis in music and theater, a M.A. in Special Education, and am a National Board Certified Teacher.

I am the volunteer choir director for our newly formed Cadman Choir, and will be directing a musical production in the Spring. I continually seek out opportunities to enhance our students lives with experiences in the arts.

Personally I am a homebody and love just being with my family. I am a voracious reader and have my nose in a book every chance I get.

I am happy to be a recent addition to the Cadman staff and to be a part of all the exciting opportunities being offered to our children.