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Arts Focused

Cadman is an Arts Star Elementary School, which offers an exciting arts-integrated learning environment for students from kindergarten through fifth grade. We are the only arts focused school in the Clairemont area and are proud to be able to offer this successful approach.

Our program nurtures the whole child and strives for academic excellence through rich experiences in the visual, movement and dramatic arts. By integrating music, art, theatre, and creative movement, our teachers make classroom learning come alive and touch each child’s soul. Many highly recognized studies have shown that combining the arts with established principles of academic disciplines result in exceptional results.
The innovative arts-integrated curriculum at Cadman nurtures and challenges the whole child by nourishing the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and artistic development of each student. Cadman students achieve academic excellence as they develop a lifelong love of learning. The school’s highly trained Arts Specialists provide concentrated instruction in drama and music, fine art, and dance. The Arts Specialists also collaborate with the classroom teachers to integrate arts into the core curriculum, resulting in flexible and creative thinkers, ready to succeed in school and beyond.
All students at Cadman participate in the arts program at the school. Unlike some magnet or focus-options schools, which operate using a “school-within-a-school” approach, Cadman’s arts programs are
structured to include every student in the building. Each student receives the benefits that can be gained by this advantageous approach
Cadman is a California Distinguished School that is a hidden treasure in the Clairemont area and is open for admissions through the San Diego Unified School District’s Choice process.