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Transitional Kindergarten

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the beginning of an exciting adventure – the start of your child’s elementary school education. We at Cabrillo Elementary School are pleased to be a part of this moment and look forward to discussing how we can work together with you to best support your child’s development.

Transitional Kindergarten allows students who turn five between September 1 and December 2 an opportunity to begin school prior to kindergarten to learn essential skills that bridge preschool and kindergarten in their educational program.  This time allows children whose birthdays happen to be in the fall an opportunity to learn important academic and social skills needed in their future.

This is important because California’s kindergarten standards and curriculum have changed over the years, and many of the skills children were once taught in first grade are now expected in kindergarten. Transitional kindergarten is a wonderful new option that will allow families to give their children the gift of time to develop at their own pace and continue building the social, emotional and academic skills that will help them succeed in elementary school.

Using a unique, specialized curriculum based on the kindergarten standards, transitional kindergarten teachers will help children develop social skills through activities that build confidence and communication. They will expose children to reading and math in an exciting, interactive way by using educational games to teach children about words and sentences and help them understand mathematical concepts like counting and patterns. The social, emotional and academic skills children learn in transitional kindergarten will help them to succeed in kindergarten, become leaders in the classroom and confidently navigate the school day routine.

Transitional kindergarten is part of a statewide reform, which will be shifting the kindergarten entry date and offering transitional kindergarten to all children in California affected by the change. Providing transitional kindergarten to our youngest kindergarteners will help kids get the best start possible, with curriculum that is designed just for them.

Please feel free to call the main office for more information at 619-223-7154.




Irene Hightower, Principal