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San Diego Foundation Supports Cabrillo Elementary

photo of new auditorium chairs

The San Diego Foundation (https://www.sdfoundation.org/) generously supported Cabrillo Elementary with 252 new auditorium chairs - just in time for our 2018 Promotion ceremony of our 4th graders.  The auditorium chairs at Cabrillo were decades old, many of which were breaking down, rusted and even had splinters in them.  "Wow - these are super clean!" "So shiny and brand new.  That's cool Mrs. Hightower!"  were just some of the comments from 4th grade students.  A big thank you goes out to Cecilia Carrick from the Point Loma Assembly for introducing Mrs. Hightower to Kathlyn Mead, President and CEO of The San Diego Foundation who supported the funds for the purchase of the chairs.  All future presenations and ceremonies will be utilizing these new chairs which will not only be beautiful but safe!  Thank you to The San Diego Foundation from Cabrillo Elementary!