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 Welcome to Cabrillo Elementary....you're going to love it here!!!!   Cabrillo Elementary School has so much to offer!   We have a fantastic library, Computer Lab, several playgrounds with multiple structures, basketball courts, tetherball courts, baseball/soccer field, tennis courts and more!  Plus we go on several field trips every year!
Cabrillo Elementary School is one of the oldest schools in San Diego.  There has been a school on this site since 1850.  It was first called Roseville School, then Point Loma Elementary School, then Cabrillo Elementary.  We have had a Halloween Carnival for over 70 years!!!
You will make lots of friends and learn so much here....WELCOME!!!
Filed Day 2011     Baseball field
 Mr. C. and his 2010-2011 Kindergarten Class                       Obstacle Course on the Baseball Field             
Playground Game night          
    Recess!                                                                                       Chess!